Flattering to a Variety of Shapes

Whether you are curvy, slim, tall, or petite, Mama Cinch yoga pants enhance your beautiful body.


Although Mama Cinch does hope you’re snug in all the right places, they are comfortable for both exercise and casual wear.

Different Patterns

Mama Cinch comes in two patterns blue camouflage and navy we are adding more prints and colors soon.


Experience the ULTIMATE snapback pants! Made to contour every curve. Lifting and shaping your butt, while slenderizing your waist and legs. Finally, a Yoga pant that does it ALL !!

Yoga pants are the first choice of today’s hot glamorously stylish women. They have evolved from a simple fabric too much comfier one. They can offer you a stylish appearance for any body type you have.

Mama Cinch fulfills all your aspirations with its range of cheap Yoga Pants for girls.

Nowadays yoga pants are quite famous, you can visually connect to a much more friendly environment where you’re dancing to a Zumba song or performing a yoga asana. Mama Cinch offers with Yoga pants power packed with soft, comfortable and breathable material, which is suited for every body type, maybe you’re slim, medium or petite.

One of the emerging trends is professional yoga pants. It not only lets you lounge comfortably in your homes but also to flaunt in your yoga classes or gym. If you are looking for awesome Yoga pants which are not only stylish in appearance but also having comfort, then you’ve reached the right destination; Mama Cinch offers you cheap quality yoga pants which is cute and affordably priced.

Mama Cinch has a wide selection of affordable pants for Girls that are ideal for yoga, pilates, and Gym. Experience no uneasiness, frustration and Mama Cinch promises you for superior finish yoga pants powered with ultracool fabric which controls your sweat instantly. Head over to our site to explore the hot yoga workout pants and buy them today.

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